Cooking In The dark
Where you don't need sight to cook dinner tonight
The cooking in the dark team present an audio tribute to Phil Parr, the creator of the cooking in the dark hprogram
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Join Dale and Cheryl for some delicious steak, chicken, and hamburgers on the grill.
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Join Dale and Cheryl for some delicious standard pancakes and some potato pancakes.
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Join Dale and Cheryl for some chicken noodle bake, a delicious dish you can make and freeze for later.
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Join Dale and Cheryl for some jalapino pickles and picao da gayo
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Join Dale, Cheryl, and a special studio audience for some deviled eggs, some Texas beer bread, and some delicious microwave banana nut bread. /
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Join Dale, Cheryl, and their special guest Christina Brino as Christina makes a delicious microwave quiche and some microwave brownies.
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Join Dale, Cheryl, and their special gueswt and youngest fan Noah Carveras they make somedelicious tacos and chocolate pudding.
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While Cheryl takes a day off, join Dale and Tim for the traditional Valentine's Day show where they make a delicious meal, including salad, shrimp, steak, humus and a rice, broccoli, and cheese casserole.
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